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Tumbling Classes

Have you been searching for a place near you that you can enroll your children in fantastic dance classes? Did you know that if your child shows an interest in gymnastics that tumbling classes are a great beginner class? Are you hoping to exercise and burn energy in one of the best hip-hop classes around? If you have answered yes to these questions, then you are in luck! Victoria’s School of Dance and Rhythm has been providing the local area with a dedicated staff of dance teachers for many years.  With our location in Pittsburgh, we are in a great spot for students to join our classes from many nearby neighborhoods including Verona, McKeesport, and the Homestead, PA areas.

Here at Victoria’s School of Dance and Rhythm, our dancing staff is dedicated to offering students a place where they can connect and learn the techniques of the many dance styles. Whether you are interested in ballet, jazz, tap or hip hop classes, our studio has a wide range of classes that are taught at different dance levels as well as age groups. When your child takes part in one of our classes, you will find that they are developing motor skills and building better strength and balance. The main goal of our teaching staff is to ensure that every student leaves our dance studio feeling confident and happy!

When you are searching for specific dance classes such as creative movement or tumbling classes, let Victoria’s School of Dance and Rhythm show you why we are the right place for you! If you would like to learn more about our class schedules, then have a look at our webpage at If you are located in the Homestead, PA area and want to take part in something creative, active, and exciting, then join one of our dance classes soon!

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